Program Description:The program is specifically designed for experienced entrepreneurs and high-level executives, and for fund investors/partners interested in the health-tech industry. It will analyze industry hot topics, cover technology trends, and help you foresee the future trends in health-tech.

Intended Audience:Entrepreneurs and high- level executives in the health-tech industry; Investors in health-tech technologies; Well-recognized startup founders in the health-tech sector.

Highlights:Center around hot topics such as biopharma tech, healthcare AI & big data, precision medicine, gene editing, etc; Listen to prominent Stanford and UC Berkeley professors examine the trends of technology through multiple lens; Visit the headquarters of legendary healthtech companies, in-depth discussion with high-level executives on the art of leadership, management and innovation; Visit top-notch research institutions in healthtech, get in touch the future of technology through the interactions with leading scientists; Visit world leading incubators, meet with changemakers and entrepreneurs in the healthcare frontier to discuss potentially disruptive innovations; Flexible and customizable itinerary, choose from 10 of our Silicon Valley Cultural Trips.