Program Description: The program is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, startup founders and investors. It will take you on an informative visit to global retail giants, analyze advanced retail models, and help you understand technology- empowered retail in the future.

Intended Audience: Entrepreneurs and high- level executives in the retail-tech industry; Investors in retail-tech technologies; Transformation-oriented traditional industrialists; Well-recognized startup founders in the retail-tech sector.

Highlights: Center around hot topics such as big data, IoT, E-commerce global expansion and other retail-tech related topics; Option to choose from two retail-tech capitals: Silicon Valley and Seattle; Listen to world’s top universities’s cholars share their insights on the cutting-edge models and technology of retail-tech’s future trends; Visit legendary retail-tech companies, discuss retail-tech future trends with industry influencers and change-makers; Participate in Retail X Tech investment forum, discuss retail-tech’s investment trends and development with Silicon Valley’stop investors; Flexible and customizable itinerary, choose from 10 of our Silicon Valley Cultural Trips.