The Center of Economic Gravity is Shifting from West to East!

Embrace the Shift with COIL – a Powerful, Unique Program for CEOs and Owners

COIL was Created by Two Respected and Experienced Organizations

Silicon Valley Future Academy (SVFA)

Silicon Valley Future Academy is committed to becoming an innovative education platform for global entrepreneurs and managers, focusing on providing courses and cognitive services that lead to future technological and business innovation. Since its establishment, Silicon Valley Future Academy has collaborated with top-tier global universities, successfully organized hundreds of masterclasses for thousands of executives and founders. We care the needs of business and individuals to innovate and disrupt, to promote innovation and progress in technolo- gy and business from a professional and global perspective, so as to expand the unlimited possibilities of the future.By bringing renowned industry and academic leaders, innovators and disruptors in science, technology, business and management, entrepreneurship and venture investment fields, we are dedicated to building a Silicon Valley-style intellectual upgrade curriculum, helping entrepreneurs and managers take the initiative and lead the future in the rapidly changing global landscape.

Stanford US-Asia Technology Management Center (Stanford US-ATMC)

Established in 1992, the US-Asia Technology Management Center (US-ATMC) is an education and research center located at Stanford University. US-ATMC programs aim at integrating practical perspectives into international strategic technology management along with analysis of research trends in selected areas of leading-edge technologies. The goal of US-ATMC educational programs is to provide Stanford students in various technical fields, and the science and engineer- ing research community at large, with knowledge and analytical capabilities in our areas of focus that will be important to success in the Twenty-First Century.

Designed for Technology-driven Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Investors

Owners and CEOs of scaled companies interested in developing new, emerging markets
Serial, exited first-time and growth-phase tech startup entrepreneurs
Senior strategic investment, innovation and Asia business development execs at global companies
Next-generation owners & entrepreneurs in family-run enterprises planning for the future
Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Information Officers and CTOs responsible for digitalization
Professional partners of financial institutions investing in cutting-edge technologies and emerging markets

Gain the Knowledge and Experience Necessary for Global Innovation Success

Transform yourself and your company with new critical strategic CEO / Owner skills: Reconceptualize your business and meet the challenges that our drastically changing times demand for global success
Develop actionable mastery of digitalization, deep tech, and open innovation strategies through hands-on experiences and in-person dialogs with acclaimed global experts and peer senior executives
Come to know leading-edge technology trends, shifting market landscapes and characteristics, and critical pressure points that will help you lead your company to continued rapid growth
Break through existing mindsets and blindspots to build new CEO / Owner leadership skills that energize your managers and employees to unite with you in achieving your company's strategic goals
Become a key participant in a growing, close-knit community of worldwide business leaders who are dedicated to new models of success in the 21st century

Focused on Cutting-edge Topics


Explore the frontiers of digitalization in a variety of industries that are leveraging artificial intelligen, big data, and other innovations


Gain insights into cutting-edge technologies and industrial applications in life sciences, materials technology, fintech, space tech, and more


Deconstruct the innovation and venture capital ecosystem, gain insights into market characteristics and economic laws

3 Global Modules, 2 Online Modules

3 Global Modules, a Deep Dive into Silicon Valley and Asia

Silicon Valley


Inspire your vision with a deep-dive into Silicon Valley’s innovation and technology frontiers



Ignite your inner fire for capturing massive ASIA markets

Silicon Valley


Leap ahead and create the innovation-driven technology business of the future

2 Online Modules, Reinforce and Further Integrate Your Learning

Session 1

Reinforce and further integrate the topics from the previous module with new perspectives from additional speakers

Session 2

Apply program learnings to your specific work situation and share experience of the implementation

Optional Modules Featuring Deep Dive Visits to Asia


Internet Economy and Digital Age


Industrial Development and Revolution

Southeast Asia
Business Development Models and Market Opportunities

Innovation Leadership, Secrets, and Culture

CAPSTONE : Translate New Skills and Knowledge into Real-world Actions

COIL includes a “Capstone Project” featuring a real-world business and innovation challenge specially provided by
the Capstone Corporate Partners. Students will join a team to apply learnings to solve this challenge. The Capstone
Project is certain to open your mind to new opportunities you may have never considered before.

Focused on four themes: Digitalization / Internationalization / Innovation·VC / Sustainability
Each team will include: several CEO/ Owner students, one COIL mentor and one COIL fellow
Guidance from renowned professors at major universities including Stanford and industry leaders
Selected cases will be included in the Stanford / Berkeley Business School Case Library