Leap Ahead of Your Global Competition!

Silicon Valley · ASEAN · Three Global Modules, August 2020-June 2021


The Center of Economic Gravity is Shifting from West to East!

Why should this shift matter to you?

In 2020, Asian economies will exceed those of the rest of the world combined. By 2040, Asia is on track to exceed 50% of global GDP and drive 40% of global consumption.

Today’s businesses should be looking toward the future in Asia in order to capture this massive opportunity—driven by innovations in science and technology.

Any business that isn’t looking toward the future in Asia is missing massive opportunities!

Embrace the Shift with COIL - a Powerful, Unique Program for CEOs and Owners!

COIL is Designed for Technology-Driven Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, and Investors

Owners and CEOs of scaled companies interested in developing new, emerging markets
Next-generation owners & entrepreneurs in family-run enterprises planning for the future
Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Information Officers and CTOs responsible for digitalization
Senior strategic investment, innovation and Asia business development execs at global companies
Serial, exited first-time, and growth-phase tech startup entrepreneurs
Professional partners of financial institutions investing in cutting-edge technologies and emerging markets

COIL Will Help You Gain the Knowledge and Experience Necessary for Global Innovation Success!

Learn about the drivers behind Silicon Valley’s success in pushing science, technology and innovation into new frontiers
Achieve an in-depth understanding of Asian business environments, market trends, and the competitive landscape
Identify and effectively evaluate strategic and investment opportunities on a regional, industrial, and global scale
Leverage global and industrial shifts in innovation and technology for competitive advantage
Enhance your global leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and acquire cross-border business, investment, and management know-how
Join a close-knit community of global business leaders focused on future economic prosperity in Asia and the U.S.

Three Cutting-Edge Topics, Unmatched Expertise and Hands-On Experience


Explore the frontiers of digitalization in a variety of industries that are leveraging artificial intelligence, big data, and other innovations


Gain insights into cutting-edge technologies and industrial applications in life sciences, materials technology, fintech, space tech, and more


Deconstruct the innovation, and venture capital ecosystem, gain insights into market characteristics and economic laws

Three Global Modules, a Deep Dive into Silicon Valley and ASEAN

Module 1(8 days):August 2020


Inspire your vision with a deep-dive into Silicon Valley’s innovation and technology frontiers

Module 2(8 days):December 2020


Ignite your inner fire for capturing massive ASEAN markets

Module 3(8 days):June 2021


Leap ahead and create the innovation-driven technology business of the future

Capstone: Translate New Skills and Knowledge into Real-World Actions

With Guidance From Renowned Professors/Industry Leaders

Focused on four themes: Digitalization/Globalization/Innovation·VC/Sustainability
Multi-faceted collaboration and cross-border wisdom shared between American and Asian business leaders
Guidance from renowned professors at major universities, including Stanford University
Full support from a MBA/PhD Fellow from major universities, including Stanford University

Optional Modules Featuring Deep Dive Visits to Asia


Internet Economy and Digital Age


Industrial Development and Revolution


Business Development Models and Market Opportunities


Innovative Spirit and Cluture

COIL was Created by Two Respected and Experienced Organizations

 COIL Organizers

US-Asia Technology Management Center, Stanford University(Stanford US-ATMC)

Established in 1992, the US-Asia Technology Management Center (US-ATMC) is an education and research center located at Stanford University. US-ATMC programs aim at integrating practical perspectives into international strategic technology management along with analysis of research trends in selected areas of leading-edge technologies. The goal of US-ATMC educational programs is to provide Stanford students in various technical fields, and the science and engineering research community at large, with knowledge and analytical capabilities in our areas of focus that will be important to success in the Twenty-First Century.

Silicon Valley Future Academy(SVFA)

SVFA’s mission is to focus on the needs of business and individuals to innovate and disrupt, to promote innovation and progress in technology and business from a professional and global perspective, and to expand the possibilities of the future. Since its establishment, Silicon Valley Future Academy has collaborated with top-tier global executive programs and entrepreneurial communities, successfully organized more than 100 masterclasses for thousands of executives and founders. We are committed to building a Silicon Valley-Style core curriculum and services for business leaders.

  Program Co-Directors

Richard Dasher

Richard Dasher has been Director of the US-Asia Technology Management Center at Stanford University since 1994. He is the Adjunct Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Stanford University. Dr. Dasher serves on the advisory boards for national universities and research institutions in Japan and Thailand. He is on the selection and review committees of major government funding programs for science, technology, and innovation in Canada and Japan.

Chenyang Xu

Dr. Xu is a Co-Founding Partner of Silicon Valley Future Academy. He is on the Advisory Board of BME Department at Johns Hopkins University. He is an IEEE Fellow and a recipient of the IEEE Signal Processing Society 2016 Best Paper Award. He was a Member of the Industrial Advisory Board of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He was the General Manager of Siemens TTB at Berkeley.

Echo Cheng

Echo Cheng is the Founder and President of Silicon Valley Future Academy, Managing Partner of Brightway Future Capital. She is the Co-Chair for the Charter Member Club of HYSTA, Director of the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Alumni Association. She has nearly two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, investment, and management in the high-tech sector. She has previously held senior executive positions at HP and Alibaba.


Leverage the Power of Technology,

Capture Massive Opportunity in Asia